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Telephone Licences

Telephone Licences

A la Carte Services

Our licences provide everything needed for a high-quality communications service.  We pride ourselves in the flexibility of our service –  Each of the below packages are available on a pick ‘n’ mix basis, enabling us to tailor the service to meet your specific requirements – We can further personalise your package by adding additional features from our A La Carte Services.

It saves you money, and helps you work more efficiently. So get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Dial Tone”]
Simple. Uncluttered. Affordable. See recently received, placed and missed calls. Take calls while already on a call. See who is calling you from inside or outside the company.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Office Base”]
Everything our ‘Dial Tone’ package offers, along with call forwarding, withholding your number on outbound calls, call transfer and three way calls.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Office”]
Access all the options from our ‘Office Base’ package, as well as a do not disturb setting that restricts all incoming phone calls and a voice messaging option.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Office Plus”]
Everything from our ‘Office’ package, along with, call forwarding off-site, shared call appearance, and the ability to configure a second phone to ring at the same time as the first.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Office Premium”]
Build on our ‘Office Plus’ offering, with the chance for users to have different numbers and extensions, forward calls from particular numbers and much more.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Real Time Hosted Telephony Reporting”]
This utility keeps you up to date with how your telephony solution is working in real time. See how many calls you have waiting, how many inbound and outbound calls you are dealing with, average call waiting time, and pretty much anything else you could wish to know. It works on Android, IOS, PCs, and even smart televisions. Call us to find out more – can you afford to be without that kind of feedback?[/expand]