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A la Carte Services

MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure private network using ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet and private circuits to provide a dual topology VPN, which is easy to manage.

The product provides any to-any IP Wide Area Networks (WANs) designed for multi-sited enterprises and for those with remote workers that need to simply and securely access their internal corporate network.

•    Secure, private, MPLS, network
•    Resilient network with automatic failover
•    One-touch ADSL & LLU ADSL provisioning
•    5 – 20 day set-up for new ADSL lines
•    Range of RFC1918 private IP addresses
•    RADIUS and DNS management
•    Uncongested business-grade network
•    Multiple DSL and Ethernet providers
•    Network monitoring
•    Security options available – IPSEC, SSL, Virtual Firewall

•    Easy to provision, manage and sell
•    Migrate existing VPNs without the need for complex and expensive site re-addressing
•    More cost effective than traditional solutions
•    Easy to scale the network using virtual appliances
•    Proactive monitoring enabling better faults diagnostics

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