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A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services

A la Carte Services

As well as the licensed packages we offer, the real strength of working with us is the way we can customise the phone of each of your members of staff – giving them exactly what they need at their fingertips.

Each of these services can be added as needed to any single user’s package.

Popular Options

[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Alternate numbers”]Allows you to have alternate numbers and extensions for a single user.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call Forwarding Always”]
Need to crack on with something important and don’t want any distractions? Call Forwarding Always sees all calls to your number redirected to someone else.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call Forwarding Busy”]If you don’t want to miss that important call while you’re talking to someone else, Call Forwarding Busy will make sure any calls intended for you are forwarded to a nominated colleague should you be busy.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call Forwarding No Answer”]
No-one likes an unanswered call, and your customers are no different. If your extension doesn’t pick up within the specified number of rings, the call will be redirected to a nominated colleague who can take the call on your behalf.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call Forwarding Selective”]
There may be certain circumstances that mean you need a call to be forwarded. This option lets you select your own criteria for calls to your extension to be redirected.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call notify”]Never miss a call again. Receive email notifications of calls made to a particular phone number.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call recording”]Record your calls for training or monitoring purposes.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Call transfer”]Transfer calls to other numbers as required – ideal for handling general enquiries, for example.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Fax messaging”]A fax machine with none of the faff – your fax messages will be delivered to an email address instead.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Hoteling guest”]Ideal if you have a hot desk environment or use temps on a regular basis. Hoteling allows them to associate their profile with a specific phone.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Shared call appearance”]Associate a number of devices with one phone number – so you can make calls from the office, home or mobile and it will appear as the same number.[/expand]
[expand rel=”services-highlander” title=”Simultaneous ring personal”]You can configure a secondary phone number to ring, such as a mobile, at the same time as the main number, to make sure you don’t miss a single call.[/expand]

Enhanced Options

[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Alternate numbers”]Enables users to have up to ten phone numbers and/or extensions assigned to them. The usual ringing is provided for incoming calls to the primary phone number and users have the option of enabling a distinctive ring for calls to their second and third phone numbers. For outgoing calls from the user, the user’s primary phone number is the calling line identity.

[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Anonymous call rejection”]Fed up of dubious cold calls from disreputable salespeople? This option will automatically reject calls from numbers where caller ID is ‘withheld’.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Automatic call-back”]
You’ll be notified immediately if a previously busy phone in your group becomes available.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Barge-in exempt”]
Stops other users from joining a call halfway through, even if they have barge-in permissions on their line.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Busy lamp field”]
Monitor the phone status of a list of users to see who is on a call and who isn’t.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Call return”]
Return a call to the last number that rang you.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Call waiting”]
Lets you receive a call while already taking one.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Calling line ID delivery blocking”]
Allows you to keep your phone number hidden from the person you are calling.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”CommPilot express”]
Configure your phone service quickly and easily based on pre-defined profiles.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Customer originated trace”]
Trace the last call that you received.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Directed call pickup”]
Pick up a call to another group member using an access code.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Directed call pickup with barge-in”]
Allows you to join a conversation on another line by using an access code.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Do not disturb”]
Restricts all incoming calls to your number, so you can work without interruptions.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”External calling line ID delivery”]
Allows you to see caller ID for calls from outside your organisation.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Hoteling host”]Designate a user as a host, so another user with Hoteling guest can log onto that phone.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Last number redial”]
Quickly redial the last number using an access code.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Music on hold user”]
Want your callers to be in a better mood while they’re on hold. Choose this package and the right music and they will be.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Pre-alerting announcement”]
This allows you to play a greeting message before connecting a call. For example, you could use it to tell callers that their call may be recorded for training purposes.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Priority alert”]
Got a client that you want to know is calling even if you aren’t looking at the caller ID? Priority alert lets you assign ring tones to different numbers.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Push to talk”]
Make and selectively receive push to talk communications – basically turning your phone or mobile into a walkie talkie. Over.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Remote office”]
Assign a number from a remote location to be your current phone number – meaning you can use your home phone as your office home, for example. [/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Sequential ring”]
If an inbound call matches the criteria you have set, this setting will see a group of phones ringing in order until it is answered.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Speed dial”]
Because life’s too short to be pressing buttons.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Three-way call”]
Need to talk to two people at once? This is the answer.[/expand]
[expand rel=”servicesExpanded-highlander” title=”Voice messaging user”]A voice mailbox that is usually added to hunt groups to provide group voice messaging. Messages can be sent as an audio attachment to an email address if you want, or accessed by dialling in.[/expand]