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Our services

We offer tailored telecoms solutions that bring you the best technology available.
We aim to work with you and align our solution with your business goals – giving you room to grow when you need it.

Telephone Licences

Licencing Options Based on Your Needs
Everything we do is built around your needs, but to make life easier, we’ve banded our most popular packages according to price. However, we’re all about meeting…

A la Carte Services

Telecoms – Your Way
As well as the licenced packages we offer, the real strength of working with us is the way we can customise the phone of each of your members of staff – giving them exactly what…



Group Services

This is where you will find the features and functions that will put the finishing touches to your phone system – take a look through what we have to offer, and give us a call to talk it through in more detail.



TXI Anywhere

Getting Ahead in a Mobile World
You need everyone to be able to communicate instantly – whether they are on a PC at head office, using an iPad during a stocktake, or a mobile phone after a sales meeting.



Lightning Fast & reliable
TXI offer a range of business-grade connectivity across a multi-million pound, fully resilient network. Speeds vary considerably depending on the line, technology…


Ethernet Data

The key to modern business success
We all know how important data can be – but let’s be honest – it’s gets pretty complicated. At TXI Telecoms, we have human experts who can help you evaluate your…


Fast, secure access to your data
MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure private network using ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet and private circuits to provide a dual topology VPN, which is easy to manage…

Compliant Call Recording

Compliance has become a big headache for many businesses, with both PCI and now the new MiFDII regulations affecting many businesses. Standard on premise solutions are expensive and complicated to setup, with TXI you can conform to the regulations while benefiting from our full cloud UC platform