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Working from Home

Working from Home

Collaborate. Communicate. Integrate.


If you are not a team user, no problem. Work anywhere with our market leading UC One solution. Enable your desktop, tablet or smart phone to collaborate with HD Voice, Video, Messaging and screen share. During an office closure most employees will rely on unsecured networks and personal devices to access business voice applications they need to do their job. TXi Telecom’s UC one allows you to collaborate with the people and subjects that are aligned with your work. Call, message, meet, share files or your screen.

Microsoft Teams with Voice Services

Voice2Teams for companies that rely heavily on voice communications, TXi Telecom is offering all of our voice service pack can be turned on and off with no notice or penalties. Our new voice enablement of Microsoft Teams “Voice2Teams”. Bringing our many years of delivering carrier grade hosted telephony to the Microsoft World. Voice2Teams is delivered by the market leading Cisco Broadsoft hosted UC platform with over 70 million users worldwide, providing true carrier grade telephony.

Business can simply go month-to-month and chose to extend or cancel after the outbreak has subsided and their business is no longer impacted.

Voice 2 Teams

TXI Telecoms is excited to launch our new voice enablement of Microsoft Teams ‘Voice2Teams’. Bringing our many years of delivering carrier-grade hosted telephony to the Microsoft World. Voice2Teams is delivered by the market-leading Cisco BroadSoft hosted UC platform with over 70 million users worldwide, providing true carrier-grade telephony.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a Hub for Teamwork and collaboration. Combining persistent workspaces where your team can chat and collaborate.

What is Voice2Teams?

Voice2Teams (Voice2Teams & Voice2Teams Plus) delivers carrier-grade telephony to Microsoft teams seamlessly, powered by Evolve IP. By leveraging our extensive portfolio of products alongside the industry-leading Cisco BroadSoft platform, We can deliver the services and solutions that your customers require on top of the Microsoft Platform.

What can Voice2Teams bring to Microsoft Teams?

Allow TXI Telecoms to help you deliver voice to Microsoft Teams, whilst removing the pain points. Our support and porting teams can help and provide advice on all of your migration and ongoing support requirements.

Voice2Teams (Voice2Teams & Voice2Teams Plus) flexible hybrid deployment model ensures you can enjoy the convenience of voice-enabled Teams mixed with other IP endpoints (Handsets, DECT Phones, door entry systems etc) with only the Teams users requiring a Microsoft license. Allowing you to have the features you want, at the cost that works.

Key Features

  • Call Recording – Fully PCI, MFIDII with AI
  • Call Analytics – Real-time analytics giving insight into business calling trends
  • Fraud Management – Sentry Fraud tool to minimise fraud
  • Integrations – CRM and other bespoke integrations into over 300 applications
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) – Leverage our AI technology to deliver huge ROI and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Contact Centre (CC) – UC Omni Channel for your customer service representatives
  • Automated Disaster Redirect – Automatically failover in the event of loss of connectivity
  • Open competitive calling plans, bundled or metered
  • Tight Service level agreements delivering 5 x 9 carrier voice
  • Porting supported in over 20+ countries, new DID’s available in 72+ countries
  • Automatic 24 x7 Fraud management
  • Numerous additional Telephony features

Microsoft Teams with Voice2Teams delivers carrier-grade telephony into one of the leading collaboration tools by providing a full cloud telephony solution that works anywhere and on any device. This complimentary solution brings advanced call routing and a full UC feature set enabling an increase in productivity for any size business, at the same time providing flexible working with full Disaster Recovery and real-time Fraud Management.

Voice2Teams also delivers a hybrid telephony option by ensuring non-Teams users all benefit from the same telephony features without having the additional cost of the Microsoft licenses, i.e. in meeting rooms, warehouse, lobby area’s etc.

We offer two license options for full Teams integration to our partners, offering cost-effective integration with increased functionality.

  • Voice2Teams – Full BroadSoft/Cisco User license with Microsoft Teams as the primary phone delivering carrier-grade telephony.
  • Voice2Teams Plus – Full BroadSoft/Cisco User license allowing other devices to be used for calling alongside Teams i.e. UC One, IP Desk phone. Up to 4 devices per user.

UC-One in Antarctica

TXi, a partner of Evolve IP, made news for the company bringing and using UC-One to Antarctica, while remaining connected, despite the remote isolation. TXi noted that the cost savings of solutions like UC-One are incredible, and the reliability of the service means that the TXi business would never even think about using another provider. “It’s helping our productivity and making sure we get things done”.  Read the full article below or on UCToday.


Recently, the UK-based hosted telephony and satcom brand, TXi Telecoms made the news for their incredible voyage into Antarctica. The business has a heritage in the UK for offering a fully-hosted telephony portfolio both direct to the business market and through channel partners using the BroadSoft UCaaS platform. Often, TXi’s work sends the team to remote locations across the globe to install some very impressive satellite stations and more. In their latest trip to the remote regions of Antarctica, TXi was able to stay connected to their families and team members at home via the BroadSoft UC-One solution.

We caught up with the MD of TXi, Kevin Harrison, to discuss the four months that he spent in Antarctica installing a new Satellite Communications system. He told us about the incredible connections the company managed to achieve, despite the remote location.

Tell Us about Your Experience in Antarctica

MD of TXi, Kevin Harrison

“We were lucky enough to form a connection at our base via a Satellite, which gave us a 1GB link to access UC-One and all the features it offers, including video conferencing and audio. Most people wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this level of in-depth communication in the past.”TXi Telecoms has been installing satellite solutions in countries around the world for more than 30 years. Their satellite insights take them to all continents across the planet, and they’ve already been to Antarctica once in the past. Kevin Harrison told me that despite the remote nature of the destination, his team was able to access a 1GB satellite internet link, which allowed them to tap into incredible opportunities for communication and collaboration, via BroadSoft UC-One.

“Our link meant that we could stay connected to what mattered while in one of the most remote regions of the world”

Ultimately, the TXi experience in Antarctica is an incredible insight into how far the communication and collaboration industry has come. If a company like TXi can access real-time communications in a remote place like Antarctica, then it’s safe to say that the right technology can keep anyone connected, no matter where they are.

How Did You Use UC-One?

The BroadSoft UC-One solution that TXi accessed during their time in Antarctica was provided by the service provider Evolve IP – previously known as thevoicefactory. TXi is a partner of the Evolve IP brand. The UC-One application worked really well to provide quick communications for the team, and they had no problems at all accessing voice and video, with no latency to worry about.

“We used the system for calling mostly, but we could also use video and share documents when we needed to bring extra context into the conversation. We used video calls more often, to get issues sorted out.”

Additionally, since the TXi team was in Antarctica for about four months at a time, their UC-One connection meant that they could reach out to members of their family and that their loved ones could contact them in return.

How Do You Think the Environment Has Evolved?

When TXi started installing satellites in locations around the world 30 years ago, the communication environment was a very different space. It would have been practically impossible to access any kind of communication in a remote setting, regardless of whether you were looking for basic voice, text, or video. Now, it’s possible to access real-time communication streaming anywhere in the world.

Kevin noted that the cost savings of solutions like UC-One are incredible, and the reliability of the service means that the TXi business would never even think about using another provider.

“It’s helping our productivity and making sure we get things done”

Installing satellites in remote locations used to be a very isolating experience, but the world has changed to support the remote worker. It seems as though remote worker communication is truly evolving to suit the new world.

UC One – Collaboration


UC-One combines secure instant messaging and presence, desk and mobile HD voice communication, video calling, and desktop collaboration into a single application interface that is available on Mac/Windows/iOS/Android tablets and mobile.

UC-One Features

The following features deliver a solution that will become key to a customer’s communications and working environment and enhance their productivity with collaboration

  • Chat and presence provide the visibility of your co-worker’s status, with full history
  • Application integration via UC-One Hub
  • Virtual meeting room. Audio, video and screen share with colleagues and guests, up to 30 video participants
  • Any device, tablet, mobile, desktop or physical phone
  • Space for persistent workspaces, keeping all your files and conversations together in the same place
  • Federation with WebEx organisations

UC-One Meet

BroadSoft Meet enables you to simply join and collaborate with your teammates in a virtual meeting room, this can be utilised to extend UC One Meeting capabilities to external guests.

UC-One Hub

Hub combines UC-One with cloud applications you use every day, such as Google G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Twitter and

Hub brings context from those apps into your conversations, removing the chaos from flipping screens and minimizing distractions from searching for that last file you shared.

Secure Call Proxy

TXI now offer secure call proxy as part of our range ‘add-on’ features.

What is it?

Allows organisations and call centres to process sensitive payment details over the telephone and stay compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Why do you need it?

Agent assisted payments are becoming increasingly popular among call centres around the world. When a customer makes a payment over the phone while interacting with the agent, the contact centre is subject to PCI DSS requirements.

Ensuring PCI compliance throughout the call centre can be quite a challenging and time-consuming process as it requires securing all the systems and processes such as call logs, recordings and agent activities.

Inference’s Secure Call Proxy de-scopes your entire organisation from PCI DSS requirements by ensuring that any sensitive payment information never reaches your systems.

What are the key benefits?

-Significantly reduces the financial and operational costs of PCI DSS compliance.

– All agents can take payments regardless of physical location or proximity to security threats.

-No changes required at the contact center such as locking agent desktops.

-Our service is Level 1 PCI compliant and integrates with major payment gateways.

-Increased customer confidence

-Reduced agent handling time

-Reduced compliance risk

-No card data stored

-Card data not even heard by your staff

How does it work?

In this mode, every customer call is answered by the Secure Call Proxy (SCP) and then bridged with the contact centre agent.

There are two modes, the first one is Always On;

  1. When the customer is ready to enter payment information, the agent presses a button on their desktop to initiate payment.
  2. This informs the SCP to engage a virtual agent to process the payment.
  3. The virtual agent task is fully configurable and can be customised to individual requirements.
  4. The virtual agent directs the SCP to deafen and un-deafen the contact center agent throughout the payment process ensuring sensitive information is never transmitted to the contact centre.
  5. Once the payment process is complete, the SCP ends the virtual agent session while the contact centre agent continues to engage with the customer.

The second one is On Demand;

In this mode the customer calls the contact centre and is connected to an agent.

  1. When the customer is ready to make a payment, the agent transfers the call to the SCP.
  2. Agent details are sent as part of the diversion header to the SCP.
  3. While the agent is in wrap-up state, the SCP bridges the agent back into the call using the details from the diversion header.
  4. SCP then engages a virtual agent to process the payment similar to the always-on mode.
  5. On completion of the payment, the SCP terminates the virtual agent session while the contact centre agent continues their conversation with the customer.
  6. The SCP terminates the call once either the customer or the agent hangs up.

Are you considering replacing your company’s phone system?

If you’re reading this brief, you already have a phone system that’s outdated or underperforming. TXI Telecoms and our service providers have worked with thousands of companies as they evaluate replacing their phone systems and here are some of the major considerations smart IT leaders and executives are taking into consideration.


Is the time really right?

Ask yourself the following …

  • Could your business be more productive with business collaboration tools? Have you deployed integrated chat, desktop sharing, web and video conferencing?
  • Do you need to enable more employee mobility; company directory follows them everywhere on essentially any device?
  • Does your firm need business continuity during outages?
  • Are you spending too much money on maintenance contracts?
  • Are you opening new locations or moving your headquarters?
  • Is your current provider contract ending this year? Do you want to get ahead of the evaluation instead of getting stuck renewing because you didn’t leave enough time to evaluate and install?
  • Are you experiencing regular outages?

If one or two of the answers are ‘yes’ then TXI can offer you a solution.


Have you developed a strategy of key features and functionality to enhance business communications?

Instead of looking at your phone system as a telephone service carefully consider what systems it integrates with today and ideally, what solutions your business would like it to integrate with in the future. Think of your unified communications as a strategy, not a service. Some considerations include:

  • What email service do you use? For example, does your company live in Outlook or Google
  • Do you want to integrate with a CRM like Salesforce?
  • Compliance requirements

We are sure to take a holistic approach to your systems and infrastructure so you’re not dealing with multiple integrations after your new communications system is deployed.


Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions

The phone system market has a wide range of providers with varying levels of capabilities and services. These variances have provided opportunities for some vendors to take advantage of business owners and you need to know the right questions to ask to avoid falling into their tricks and traps. Proposals, pricing, and contracts are three areas where people often get tongue-tied figuring out what to ask. This cheat sheet will help you know what to ask;

  • Is there an additional cost for infrastructure and security?
  • Do they provide network access and connectivity?
  • Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? What is not included in the SLA?
  • Is usage included?
  • Is hardware included?


Know your compliance needs

When it comes to compliance we have found that way too many organisations forget about their phone system and how data is transmitted and stored. Before you start down a migration path you need to know if your phone system, contact centre and collaboration tools are required to follow compliance regulations.

TXI Telecoms has been completely GDPR compliant since the introduction of the regulation in May 2018, for further information on how we have achieved this please visit our website

As well as being GDPR compliant, TXI Telecoms are proudly PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS is primarily aimed at cardholder information in databases, contact centres are presented a different set of complexities for both the agent handling the call and also the recording of the call. Therefore, TXI Telecoms phone services include functions so that confidential information cannot be recorded, these include;

  • Manual Pause and Resume
  • Automated Pause and Resume based on desktop activity
  • Post call processing to remove credit card details from complete recordings
  • IVR based DTMF payment system


Have a training plan for your team

When you work with TXI Telecoms, there is a contact centre open all main office hours should any concerns arise, and you’ll also have access to our web-based management portal, which allows you to make alterations quickly and easily like switching caller ID names, call flow, time schedules, reset passwords, and more.

We understand that nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth more than getting a new ‘toy’ with confusing instructions that prevent you from having fun! Understand what TXI Telecoms are going to deliver from a training perspective as well as your new features.


New Products Offer

We are pleased to confirm we are able to provide the new range of Polycom handsets to the market. As a pre-launch offer, we are offering a buy 9 handsets campaign and get 1 free* across the new range throughout August!  Details of the new Polycom range are below and for further information please click on the links:

Polycom VVX150 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 150 business IP desk phone is a high- quality, two-line IP phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise-grade sound quality. It’s ideal for home offices or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms or for any location that needs simple and reliable voice connectivity.

Polycom VVX250 Datasheet 

The Polycom VVX 250 business IP phone is a modern, four-line, basic IP desk phone with colour display, ideal for home officeSoHo and cubicle workers.

Polycom VVX350 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 350 business IP desk phone is a high-quality, six-line, colour, mid-range IP phone designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. It’s ideal for knowledge workers and call centre operators who need to handle a moderate or high volume of calls, and whose work demands reliable connectivity.

Polycom VVX450 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 450 business IP desk phone is a high-quality, twelve-line, colour IP phone for businesses of all sizes.


All phones have Lifetime Warranty with Advance Replacement included!

For more information and enquiries please email 

*The 9 handsets are required to be the same model and will be dispatched week commencing Monday 20th August.

TXI Telecoms – Expansion of the team

 TXI Telecoms – Expansion of the team

Here at TX Telecoms, our team have been providing excellent telecommunication services for years to our customers. In more recent times, we have rebranded and restructured the company to align with the innovation and modern growing market. The next stage of our development is to expand the team by employing a lead Salesperson. TX Telecoms’ vision is to provide all businesses no matter how small or large with excellent phone systems, with personalised service and readily available after sales care. To keep fulfilling this goal, TX Telecoms need to be ready to expand and to do this, will need the expertise of an enthusiastic and passionate individual who shares this vision.

The opportunity for the Salesperson coming into TX Telecoms is a great one, being an SME gives the chance to completely mould the role to suit the individual. Our small team is a close-knit one, we work hard to support each other to reach goals and smash targets. The right person for this role will effortlessly fit in within in the team to support colleagues but who will also strive to hit own personal targets and goals through passion and persistence. Knowledge around how to follow up with a lead and eventually close the sale while maintaining positive and long-lasting relationships with our (potential) customers is essential, as although growth is our next goal it is important to us to maintain exceptional standards.

This is not just a job opportunity; TX Telecoms are looking for someone who can turn this into a career and grow alongside us, the possibilities are endless with fantastic earning potential!

The challenge is great, but the rewards are greater. If you think you are up to the challenge, please get in contact by sending CV and covering letter to:

The Advancement of Telecommuncation


“An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which information society is built” – Talal Abu Ghazaleh


Humans have come a long way in terms of communication over the years. From the first postal service in the 6th century to the creation of the first electric phone in 1870. All these innovative methods to share information over a distance have created the telecommunication technology we have and use today. Telecoms have had major impacts of daily human life since its creation, whether it be for business or pleasure.

The History of Telecommunications

The word telecommunications come from the Greek tele, meaning far off, and Latin communicare, meaning to share or impart. So, in short, telecommunication is the process of sharing information across a distance. The capability to share and display information quickly, precisely, and efficiently has always been a major focus propelling human innovation. Whether it be the prehistoric cave man using fires as signals or the modern-day man using wireless smartphone technology; communication is still imperative for survival and achievement.

The past 10 years have truly been the pinnacle of development for the telecoms industry. The speed that the technology has evolved is astonishing.  Long gone are the days of multiple line premise, using individual phone lines and costing a fortune. Now due to the introduction of Voip (Voice over Internet Protocol) we can provide multiple connections over a single physical connection, utilising the internet.  VoIP originally created in 1995. Which, to put it simply, is the transmission of “data packets” from one IP address to another over the internet. The original intention of voIP was for the work around of long-distance and international calls but has soon revolutionized communication across the world and is used in offices everywhere. The never-ending progression of technology illustrates the endless reach for the development of proficiency and success along side society today.

The Present and Future of Telecommunications

As this is an ever-changing market, it’s important to know what is to be expected to prepare for the future.

Research suggests that ‘the next big thing’ within the telecommunications sector is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the network of physical devices, e.g. vehicles, home appliances and electronics all embedded with software, sensors, and electronics enabling them to connect and exchange data. It is estimated that IoT will consist of roughly 30 million objects by 2020.

Telecoms providers are in a position where their service will be largely and widely needed in years to come. Due to technology becoming more accessible in the future, consumers will undoubtedly change with the times. This means that the constant advancement in the telecoms market is essential to stay relevant within the market.


Although there are businesses still using the old ways of telecom, it is certain that this market can only expand further.

One aspect we pride ourselves on here at TXI is the ability to ever develop and evolve with the market and with the customer’s needs. The mere idea of communicating via the internet has now become a reality. Now is the prime time to become involved in the sector and see how it will inevitably grow.

TXI Telecoms – Dubber call recording, how to enhance your business. 

TXI Telecoms use the innovative Dubber platform to provide a reliable call recording experience for all our customers. In this blog post we will explain everything you need to know about Dubber and how its flexibility means our customers can further enhance their relationships with all their clients. We can also grow with your business as we work on a 30 day rolling contract and a user by user basis so if you need to take on 5 new members of staff or if you’re scaling back the business that isn’t a problem.

Why Dubber?

The old-fashioned legacy call recording solutions usually require some form of hardware onsite, which in this day and age isn’t practical, with increasingly more people working from home and out of the office. Also, the large upfront cost to set up the system, this is all before you start discussing the training and maintenance required to run the system. Using Dubber the cloud based call recording solution means you aren’t stuck with a bulky piece of equipment in your office. The platform’s simplicity also means it only takes a fraction of the time to understand how to use it. You’re also able to record the calls of any employees who may be working from home or out on the road, all at a fraction of the cost of a legacy system.

Dubber Features

Dubber has a wide range of features to benefit companies of all sizes. Using the web based platform to manage your business call recording you’re able to:

• Search and listen back to calls – When you log into the portal you’re immediately presented with all the calls of your employees. Using the search bar, you can look at a particular user’s call and listen to all the calls linked to them.


• Storage – Dubber comes with a standard storage of 5 years, the generous storage capacity means even the largest companies can find calls from up to 5 years before in just a few clicks, however if this isn’t enough this is able to be increased to 7 years.

• Tagging – Dubber will also allow you to group and tag specific calls, this feature works really well when you want to track and log the progress of an order or a complaint. For example, you could tag the first call that comes in from a customer as #Complaint#0001, you can then track the progress of this and tag any other calls related to it with the same reference. They are all stored securely in the cloud ready for when you need to refer back to it.


Dubber Zoe

Using Dubber’s Zoe Smart Search, users can easily search their recorded communications using a variety of metrics from date and location to specific words, phrases, or sentiment to locate specific calls.

Smart Search

Many businesses, from call centres to small offices, often employ a script that they require all members of staff to follow or an introduction they must say when answering an incoming call or making an outgoing call. With Smart Search, it is easy to monitor which workers are fulfilling these requirements and identify those that aren’t by performing a simple search that will find all calls that do not contain the scripted words.


Smartsearch – PCI use case

For businesses that take card payments over the phone, PCI compliance is very important. In order to protect the personal data of their customers, customer service agents must pause any call recording when card details are being taken. To ensure that contact centre workers are adhering to this requirement, periodic searches for terms such as ‘expiry date’ can be made to ensure that no details are being recorded. Any that are can be deleted and the contact centre worker can be notified to ensure they remember to pause recording on future calls.


With Keywords, users can intelligently track specific words and phrases across their captured communications. These words can be tagged to be automatically highlighted in future recordings and can allow users to jump to the point in a call when the word or phrase was spoken. Keywords intelligence can automate actions in other applications through Dubber’s API, opening up limitless potential use cases.

Keyword – Banking use case

A customer has called their bank to discuss their current account. During the call, they mention the
word ‘mortgage’. Zoe detects the use of this word and triggers the bank to search the customer to see if they have a mortgage with the bank. When it finds that the customer doesn’t have a mortgage with the bank, the customer is sent marketing materials about mortgages. An alternative automated process could send the customer’s details to the mortgages department to prompt a follow-up sales call.

Sentiment – (Due for release late 2017)

Sentiment can identify the emotions of a speaker throughout a conversation and provide a report. Sentiment is measured through speech characteristics including tone of voice, stress levels, and speed of speech. Pauses and interruptions are also key indicators of mood. Additionally, certain phrases that express emotion are noted to create a detailed understanding of the caller’s mood over the call.

Sentiment – Resolving negative calls use case

For a small business, maintaining positive relationships with all customers is vital to success. A small business owner could employ Sentiment to send them a notification whenever a negatively rated call takes place. They could then play back the call to see if there is a problem that can be solved, and call the customer in order to retain their business.


We hope you’ve found our November blog post useful and informative, if you’ve got any questions regarding call recording or how much it costs then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the TXI Telecoms team for a free consultation call.


Contact us via telephone on 01202 233550 , Twitter – @TXITelecoms


Address: Unit 4, Glenmore Business Park, Blackhill Road, Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6NL