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UC One – Collaboration

UC One – Collaboration


UC-One combines secure instant messaging and presence, desk and mobile HD voice communication, video calling, and desktop collaboration into a single application interface that is available on Mac/Windows/iOS/Android tablets and mobile.

UC-One Features

The following features deliver a solution that will become key to a customer’s communications and working environment and enhance their productivity with collaboration

  • Chat and presence provide the visibility of your co-worker’s status, with full history
  • Application integration via UC-One Hub
  • Virtual meeting room. Audio, video and screen share with colleagues and guests, up to 30 video participants
  • Any device, tablet, mobile, desktop or physical phone
  • Space for persistent workspaces, keeping all your files and conversations together in the same place
  • Federation with WebEx organisations

UC-One Meet

BroadSoft Meet enables you to simply join and collaborate with your teammates in a virtual meeting room, this can be utilised to extend UC One Meeting capabilities to external guests.

UC-One Hub

Hub combines UC-One with cloud applications you use every day, such as Google G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Twitter and

Hub brings context from those apps into your conversations, removing the chaos from flipping screens and minimizing distractions from searching for that last file you shared.