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Are you considering replacing your company’s phone system?

Are you considering replacing your company’s phone system?

If you’re reading this brief, you already have a phone system that’s outdated or underperforming. TXI Telecoms and our service providers have worked with thousands of companies as they evaluate replacing their phone systems and here are some of the major considerations smart IT leaders and executives are taking into consideration.


Is the time really right?

Ask yourself the following …

  • Could your business be more productive with business collaboration tools? Have you deployed integrated chat, desktop sharing, web and video conferencing?
  • Do you need to enable more employee mobility; company directory follows them everywhere on essentially any device?
  • Does your firm need business continuity during outages?
  • Are you spending too much money on maintenance contracts?
  • Are you opening new locations or moving your headquarters?
  • Is your current provider contract ending this year? Do you want to get ahead of the evaluation instead of getting stuck renewing because you didn’t leave enough time to evaluate and install?
  • Are you experiencing regular outages?

If one or two of the answers are ‘yes’ then TXI can offer you a solution.


Have you developed a strategy of key features and functionality to enhance business communications?

Instead of looking at your phone system as a telephone service carefully consider what systems it integrates with today and ideally, what solutions your business would like it to integrate with in the future. Think of your unified communications as a strategy, not a service. Some considerations include:

  • What email service do you use? For example, does your company live in Outlook or Google
  • Do you want to integrate with a CRM like Salesforce?
  • Compliance requirements

We are sure to take a holistic approach to your systems and infrastructure so you’re not dealing with multiple integrations after your new communications system is deployed.


Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions

The phone system market has a wide range of providers with varying levels of capabilities and services. These variances have provided opportunities for some vendors to take advantage of business owners and you need to know the right questions to ask to avoid falling into their tricks and traps. Proposals, pricing, and contracts are three areas where people often get tongue-tied figuring out what to ask. This cheat sheet will help you know what to ask;

  • Is there an additional cost for infrastructure and security?
  • Do they provide network access and connectivity?
  • Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? What is not included in the SLA?
  • Is usage included?
  • Is hardware included?


Know your compliance needs

When it comes to compliance we have found that way too many organisations forget about their phone system and how data is transmitted and stored. Before you start down a migration path you need to know if your phone system, contact centre and collaboration tools are required to follow compliance regulations.

TXI Telecoms has been completely GDPR compliant since the introduction of the regulation in May 2018, for further information on how we have achieved this please visit our website

As well as being GDPR compliant, TXI Telecoms are proudly PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS is primarily aimed at cardholder information in databases, contact centres are presented a different set of complexities for both the agent handling the call and also the recording of the call. Therefore, TXI Telecoms phone services include functions so that confidential information cannot be recorded, these include;

  • Manual Pause and Resume
  • Automated Pause and Resume based on desktop activity
  • Post call processing to remove credit card details from complete recordings
  • IVR based DTMF payment system


Have a training plan for your team

When you work with TXI Telecoms, there is a contact centre open all main office hours should any concerns arise, and you’ll also have access to our web-based management portal, which allows you to make alterations quickly and easily like switching caller ID names, call flow, time schedules, reset passwords, and more.

We understand that nothing leaves a bad taste in your mouth more than getting a new ‘toy’ with confusing instructions that prevent you from having fun! Understand what TXI Telecoms are going to deliver from a training perspective as well as your new features.


New Products Offer

We are pleased to confirm we are able to provide the new range of Polycom handsets to the market. As a pre-launch offer, we are offering a buy 9 handsets campaign and get 1 free* across the new range throughout August!  Details of the new Polycom range are below and for further information please click on the links:

Polycom VVX150 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 150 business IP desk phone is a high- quality, two-line IP phone that delivers reliable performance and an enterprise-grade sound quality. It’s ideal for home offices or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms or for any location that needs simple and reliable voice connectivity.

Polycom VVX250 Datasheet 

The Polycom VVX 250 business IP phone is a modern, four-line, basic IP desk phone with colour display, ideal for home officeSoHo and cubicle workers.

Polycom VVX350 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 350 business IP desk phone is a high-quality, six-line, colour, mid-range IP phone designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. It’s ideal for knowledge workers and call centre operators who need to handle a moderate or high volume of calls, and whose work demands reliable connectivity.

Polycom VVX450 Datasheet

The Polycom VVX 450 business IP desk phone is a high-quality, twelve-line, colour IP phone for businesses of all sizes.


All phones have Lifetime Warranty with Advance Replacement included!

For more information and enquiries please email 

*The 9 handsets are required to be the same model and will be dispatched week commencing Monday 20th August.