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The Advancement of Telecommuncation

The Advancement of Telecommuncation


“An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which information society is built” – Talal Abu Ghazaleh


Humans have come a long way in terms of communication over the years. From the first postal service in the 6th century to the creation of the first electric phone in 1870. All these innovative methods to share information over a distance have created the telecommunication technology we have and use today. Telecoms have had major impacts of daily human life since its creation, whether it be for business or pleasure.

The History of Telecommunications

The word telecommunications come from the Greek tele, meaning far off, and Latin communicare, meaning to share or impart. So, in short, telecommunication is the process of sharing information across a distance. The capability to share and display information quickly, precisely, and efficiently has always been a major focus propelling human innovation. Whether it be the prehistoric cave man using fires as signals or the modern-day man using wireless smartphone technology; communication is still imperative for survival and achievement.

The past 10 years have truly been the pinnacle of development for the telecoms industry. The speed that the technology has evolved is astonishing.  Long gone are the days of multiple line premise, using individual phone lines and costing a fortune. Now due to the introduction of Voip (Voice over Internet Protocol) we can provide multiple connections over a single physical connection, utilising the internet.  VoIP originally created in 1995. Which, to put it simply, is the transmission of “data packets” from one IP address to another over the internet. The original intention of voIP was for the work around of long-distance and international calls but has soon revolutionized communication across the world and is used in offices everywhere. The never-ending progression of technology illustrates the endless reach for the development of proficiency and success along side society today.

The Present and Future of Telecommunications

As this is an ever-changing market, it’s important to know what is to be expected to prepare for the future.

Research suggests that ‘the next big thing’ within the telecommunications sector is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the network of physical devices, e.g. vehicles, home appliances and electronics all embedded with software, sensors, and electronics enabling them to connect and exchange data. It is estimated that IoT will consist of roughly 30 million objects by 2020.

Telecoms providers are in a position where their service will be largely and widely needed in years to come. Due to technology becoming more accessible in the future, consumers will undoubtedly change with the times. This means that the constant advancement in the telecoms market is essential to stay relevant within the market.


Although there are businesses still using the old ways of telecom, it is certain that this market can only expand further.

One aspect we pride ourselves on here at TXI is the ability to ever develop and evolve with the market and with the customer’s needs. The mere idea of communicating via the internet has now become a reality. Now is the prime time to become involved in the sector and see how it will inevitably grow.