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TXI Telecoms – Dubber call recording, how to enhance your business. 

TXI Telecoms – Dubber call recording, how to enhance your business. 

TXI Telecoms use the innovative Dubber platform to provide a reliable call recording experience for all our customers. In this blog post we will explain everything you need to know about Dubber and how its flexibility means our customers can further enhance their relationships with all their clients. We can also grow with your business as we work on a 30 day rolling contract and a user by user basis so if you need to take on 5 new members of staff or if you’re scaling back the business that isn’t a problem.

Why Dubber?

The old-fashioned legacy call recording solutions usually require some form of hardware onsite, which in this day and age isn’t practical, with increasingly more people working from home and out of the office. Also, the large upfront cost to set up the system, this is all before you start discussing the training and maintenance required to run the system. Using Dubber the cloud based call recording solution means you aren’t stuck with a bulky piece of equipment in your office. The platform’s simplicity also means it only takes a fraction of the time to understand how to use it. You’re also able to record the calls of any employees who may be working from home or out on the road, all at a fraction of the cost of a legacy system.

Dubber Features

Dubber has a wide range of features to benefit companies of all sizes. Using the web based platform to manage your business call recording you’re able to:

• Search and listen back to calls – When you log into the portal you’re immediately presented with all the calls of your employees. Using the search bar, you can look at a particular user’s call and listen to all the calls linked to them.


• Storage – Dubber comes with a standard storage of 5 years, the generous storage capacity means even the largest companies can find calls from up to 5 years before in just a few clicks, however if this isn’t enough this is able to be increased to 7 years.

• Tagging – Dubber will also allow you to group and tag specific calls, this feature works really well when you want to track and log the progress of an order or a complaint. For example, you could tag the first call that comes in from a customer as #Complaint#0001, you can then track the progress of this and tag any other calls related to it with the same reference. They are all stored securely in the cloud ready for when you need to refer back to it.


Dubber Zoe

Using Dubber’s Zoe Smart Search, users can easily search their recorded communications using a variety of metrics from date and location to specific words, phrases, or sentiment to locate specific calls.

Smart Search

Many businesses, from call centres to small offices, often employ a script that they require all members of staff to follow or an introduction they must say when answering an incoming call or making an outgoing call. With Smart Search, it is easy to monitor which workers are fulfilling these requirements and identify those that aren’t by performing a simple search that will find all calls that do not contain the scripted words.


Smartsearch – PCI use case

For businesses that take card payments over the phone, PCI compliance is very important. In order to protect the personal data of their customers, customer service agents must pause any call recording when card details are being taken. To ensure that contact centre workers are adhering to this requirement, periodic searches for terms such as ‘expiry date’ can be made to ensure that no details are being recorded. Any that are can be deleted and the contact centre worker can be notified to ensure they remember to pause recording on future calls.


With Keywords, users can intelligently track specific words and phrases across their captured communications. These words can be tagged to be automatically highlighted in future recordings and can allow users to jump to the point in a call when the word or phrase was spoken. Keywords intelligence can automate actions in other applications through Dubber’s API, opening up limitless potential use cases.

Keyword – Banking use case

A customer has called their bank to discuss their current account. During the call, they mention the
word ‘mortgage’. Zoe detects the use of this word and triggers the bank to search the customer to see if they have a mortgage with the bank. When it finds that the customer doesn’t have a mortgage with the bank, the customer is sent marketing materials about mortgages. An alternative automated process could send the customer’s details to the mortgages department to prompt a follow-up sales call.

Sentiment – (Due for release late 2017)

Sentiment can identify the emotions of a speaker throughout a conversation and provide a report. Sentiment is measured through speech characteristics including tone of voice, stress levels, and speed of speech. Pauses and interruptions are also key indicators of mood. Additionally, certain phrases that express emotion are noted to create a detailed understanding of the caller’s mood over the call.

Sentiment – Resolving negative calls use case

For a small business, maintaining positive relationships with all customers is vital to success. A small business owner could employ Sentiment to send them a notification whenever a negatively rated call takes place. They could then play back the call to see if there is a problem that can be solved, and call the customer in order to retain their business.


We hope you’ve found our November blog post useful and informative, if you’ve got any questions regarding call recording or how much it costs then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the TXI Telecoms team for a free consultation call.


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