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Introducing Kevin Harrison at TXI Telecoms

Introducing Kevin Harrison at TXI Telecoms

Welcome to our new blog – the first of many posts to come from the team at TXI Telecoms, so please do keep checking back and let us know your feedback!

For our first post we would like to introduce Kevin Harrison – the Founder and Director of TX Installations, who has grown the business from first incorporation to the company it is today.

Kevin at work!Kevin has been part of the Satellite and Antenna industry since 1993 where he started his journey with Vertex and (impressively!) was the first UK person to complete the Vertex accredited training programme – this standardised the level of service and maintenance required to deliver the right support across the telecoms industry. He still remembers the early days – “it was pioneering work and the training allowed us to ensure that high standards were set not only for Vertex but across the industry”. Fast-forward to 2017 and Kevin and his team at TXI have now worked in over 130 countries and continue to service clients in the industry to the same high standards that were initially set.

TXI Ltd was founded in 1998 by Kevin, who has been overseeing the company development ever since. Being very much part of the team, he loves that every day is different and he’s able to meet new people and move the business forward! We have a fantastic team of people and Kevin is very much involved in the hands-on side of the company as well as other key aspects such the strategic direction of the business and our recruitment strategy as well as important decisions such as office biscuit choice!

TXI Telecoms forms part of the wider TXI umbrella directed by Kevin, where all aspects of the telecoms industry including antenna, satcoms and wireless solutions come together. He is more than ever excited to see what’s around the corner and with his loyal and hard-working team behind him, he looks forward to continued growth and success.

At TXI we work with this vision statement: “We will be an innovator in all aspects of Business Communications Solutions” which is a great focus for the business.

Our promise is also a welcomed message to all our clients that we work with: “We will help our customers with Integrated Communications Solutions that add value to their business, with exceptional levels of customer service”

Customer service is of utmost importance to us and our team offer round the clock support through our dedicated help desk. If you’d like to find out more about us or the service that we provide at TXI Telecoms, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and have a free, informal chat about how our products could benefit your business.

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