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TXI Telecoms – Dubber call recording, how to enhance your business. 

TXI Telecoms – Dubber call recording, how to enhance your business. 

TXI Telecoms use the innovative Dubber platform to provide a reliable call recording experience for all our customers. In this blog post we will explain everything you need to know about Dubber and how it’s flexibility means our customers can further enhance their relationships with all their clients. We can also grow with your business as we work on a 30 day rolling contract and a user by user basis so if you need to take on 5 new members of staff or if your scaling back the business that isn’t a problem.

Why Dubber?

The old-fashioned legacy call recording solutions usually require some form of hardware onsite, which in this day and age isn’t practical, with increasingly more people working from home and out of the office. Also, the large upfront cost to set up the system, this is all before you start discussing the training and maintenance required to run the system. Using Dubber the cloud based call recording solution means you aren’t stuck with a bulky piece of equipment in your office. The platforms’ simplicity also means it only takes a fraction of the time to understand how to use it. You’re also able to record the calls of any employees who may be working from home or out on the road, all at a fraction of the cost of a legacy system.

Dubber Features

Dubber has a wide range of features to benefit companies of all sizes. Using the web based platform to manage your business call recording you’re able to:

• Search and listen back to calls – When you log into the portal you’re immediately presented with all the calls of your employees. Using the search bar, you can look at a particular users call and listen to all the calls linked to them.


• Storage – Dubber comes with a standard storage of 5 years, the generous storage capacity means even the largest companies can find calls from up to 5 years before in just a few clicks, however if this isn’t enough this is able to be increased to 7 years.

• Tagging – Dubber will also allow you to group and tag specific calls, this feature works really well when you want to track and log the progress of an order or a complaint. For example, you could tag the first call that comes in from a customer as #Complaint#0001, you can then track the progress of this and tag any other calls related to it with the same reference. They are all stored securely in the cloud ready for when you need to refer back to it.


Dubber Zoe

Using Dubber’s Zoe Smart Search, users can easily search their recorded communications using a variety of metrics from date and location to specific words, phrases, or sentiment to locate specific calls.

Smart Search

Many businesses, from call centres to small offices, often employ a script that they require all members of staff to follow or an introduction they must say when answering an incoming call or making an outgoing call. With Smart Search, it is easy to monitor which workers are fulfilling these requirements and identify those that aren’t by performing a simple search that will find all calls that do not contain the scripted words.


Smartsearch – PCI use case

For businesses that take card payments over the phone, PCI compliance is very important. In order to protect the personal data of their customers, customer service agents must pause any call recording when card details are being taken. To ensure that contact centre workers are adhering to this requirement, periodic searches for terms such as ‘expiry date’ can be made to ensure that no details are being recorded. Any that are can be deleted and the contact centre worker can be notified to ensure they remember to pause recording on future calls.


With Keywords, users can intelligently track specific words and phrases across their captured communications. These words can be tagged to be automatically highlighted in future recordings and can allow users to jump to the point in a call when the word or phrase was spoken. Keywords intelligence can automate actions in other applications through Dubber’s API, opening up limitless potential use cases.

Keyword – Banking use case

A customer has called their bank to discuss their current account. During the call, they mention the
word ‘mortgage’. Zoe detects the use of this word and triggers the bank to search the customer to see if they have a mortgage with the bank. When it finds that the customer doesn’t have a mortgage with the bank, the customer is sent marketing materials about mortgages. An alternative automated process could send the customer’s details to the mortgages department to prompt a follow-up
sales call.

Sentiment – (Due for release late 2017)

Sentiment can identify the emotions of a speaker throughout a conversation and provide a report. Sentiment is measured through speech characteristics including tone of voice, stress levels, and speed of speech. Pauses and interruptions are also key indicators of mood. Additionally, certain phrases that express emotion are noted to create a detailed understanding of the caller’s mood over the call.

Sentiment – Resolving negative calls use case

For a small business, maintaining positive relationships with all customers is vital to success. A small
business owner could employ Sentiment to send them a notification whenever a negatively rated
call takes place. They could then play back the call to see if there is a problem that can be solved, and call the customer in order to retain their business.


We hope you’ve found our November blog post useful and informative, if you’ve got any questions regarding call recording or how much it costs then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the TXI Telecoms team for a free consultation call.


Contact us via telephone on 01202 233550 , Twitter – @TXITelecoms


Address: Unit 4, Glenmore Business Park, Blackhill Road, Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6NL

What Is Acoustic Fence?

Have you ever had a conference call or phone call which has been interrupted by co-workers’ chatter, loud machinery, or even barking dogs in the background? Have you ever been a recipient to a call which has caused you frustration due to not being able to hear what the other person is saying? How about having the ability to automatically reduce background noises during a call?

Polycom Acoustic Fence technology does just that!

Here at TXI Telecoms, we proudly offer tailored telecoms solutions that bring you the best technology available, and constantly receive great feedback about Polycom Acoustic Fence. It keeps business conversations free from extraneous noises, using advanced echo cancellation techniques to “cancel out” all soundwaves except the actual speaker’s voice.

Polycom Acoustic Fence uses multiple microphones to create a virtual “audio fence” so that sounds from “outside of the fence” are blocked from being heard by remote participants. The end result reduces and allows remote callers to hear and focus on the meeting at hand. We’re a busy office at TXI Telecoms, and use it across our building.

It is perfect for receptionists that frequently handle phone calls and in-office visitors simultaneously, contact center agents that work within close proximity to other agents, or anyone that uses the phone in an inherently noisy environment. The Polycom Acoustic Fence is a great way to increase productivity too, repeating yourself can be frustrating and time costly.

It’s very clever in the way it uses algorithms to detect and block noise, eliminating unwanted background noise – such as peripheral conversations or printer rattle – by matching the sound level between the VVX phone’s speakerphone microphone on the one hand, and the handset (or headset) microphone on the other. You really don’t have to worry about other information being picked up or overhead during your phone call, along with your own conversation remaining clear and crisp to the recipient. It’s extremely innovative and at TXI Telecoms, allows us to deliver technology that is ahead of the telecoms market.

If you’d like to discover more about Polycom Acoustic Fence, visit our contact us page!

TXI The Journey

The TXI Journey


Founded in 1998, we’ve come a long way since starting TXI and we’re really proud of that. With our recent successful rebrand, we’re taking you back on the journey of where we began and our vision for the future. With almost 20 years in the communications industry, TXI is a UK based company supplying a fully hosted telephony portfolio direct to the business market and through Channel Partners. Utilising the innovative Broadsoft Telecoms switch we are able to offer a reliable and simple service.


So why did we rebrand? It was important to us to streamline the business and make it more customer friendly. We found from ur customer feedback that our old marketing material was full of jargon – that perhaps only a telecom-savvy person would understand. Because of this, we were missing a huge chunk of our target audience with our marketing strategies and we took to the drawing board to define our vision.

We took a look at our logo. It was outdated and complicated. Compiling five different elements including two straplines, we were keen to minimise the wording and update the colour palette to something bright and eye catching. We knew that we wanted to reflect in our branding the standard of service we offer to our customers, by creating a simple and unique identity that showcases quality. Now much more recognisable, the feedback so far has been so positive and we believe the new logo really represents who we are and where we are going as a brand.


The next part of our rebrand was the website. Whether you’re a new customer or old, it was important to us that when you visit our site, you know exactly who we are. We wanted to show the real people behind TXI, including our faces, our personality, our ethos and most importantly, how much we value and appreciate our customers. Our small specialist team based in Poole, Dorset handle all the communication to our clients, so we had our new logo added to our redesigned uniform and smiled for picture day at our HQ for the dedicated ‘Meet The Team’ page. Here you’ll find more about our job roles and some quirky facts about us. When you work with TXI Telecoms, you work with humans, not machines and not a distant call centre. We are happy to put a friendly face to our names (and look forward to meeting you in the flesh soon!)


The rebrand has given us a real sense of achievement and a clear vision for a strong future. We are proud of our track record, in terms of customer-satisfaction as well as technical ability and are focused on maintaining this. We’d love to hear your feedback, so be sure to let us know via Twitter or dropping us an email




Introducing Kevin Harrison at TXI Telecoms

Welcome to our new blog – the first of many posts to come from the team at TXI Telecoms, so please do keep checking back and let us know your feedback!

For our first post we would like to introduce Kevin Harrison – the Founder and Director of TX Installations, who has grown the business from first incorporation to the company it is today.

Kevin at work!Kevin has been part of the Satellite and Antenna industry since 1993 where he started his journey with Vertex and (impressively!) was the first UK person to complete the Vertex accredited training programme – this standardised the level of service and maintenance required to deliver the right support across the telecoms industry. He still remembers the early days – “it was pioneering work and the training allowed us to ensure that high standards were set not only for Vertex but across the industry”. Fast-forward to 2017 and Kevin and his team at TXI have now worked in over 130 countries and continue to service clients in the industry to the same high standards that were initially set.

TXI Ltd was founded in 1998 by Kevin, who has been overseeing the company development ever since. Being very much part of the team, he loves that every day is different and he’s able to meet new people and move the business forward! We have a fantastic team of people and Kevin is very much involved in the hands-on side of the company as well as other key aspects such the strategic direction of the business and our recruitment strategy as well as important decisions such as office biscuit choice!

TXI Telecoms forms part of the wider TXI umbrella directed by Kevin, where all aspects of the telecoms industry including antenna, satcoms and wireless solutions come together. He is more than ever excited to see what’s around the corner and with his loyal and hard-working team behind him, he looks forward to continued growth and success.

At TXI we work with this vision statement: “We will be an innovator in all aspects of Business Communications Solutions” which is a great focus for the business.

Our promise is also a welcomed message to all our clients that we work with: “We will help our customers with Integrated Communications Solutions that add value to their business, with exceptional levels of customer service”

Customer service is of utmost importance to us and our team offer round the clock support through our dedicated help desk. If you’d like to find out more about us or the service that we provide at TXI Telecoms, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and have a free, informal chat about how our products could benefit your business.

Follow TXI Telecoms on Twitter – @TXITelecoms