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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The TXI Team

Meet the TXI Telecoms Team

When you work with TXI Telecoms, you work with humans, not machines, and not a distant call centre. We are happy to put a friendly face to our names and look forward to meeting you in the flesh soon.




Glenn’s been with us for eleven years and what he doesn’t know about telecoms system isn’t worth knowing. He can install most systems in his sleep, though he’s usually wide awake during working hours.

Glenn is the technical genius behind our telecoms system, and when you sign up with us, he’ll only ever be a phone call away. He provides technical help and support and fixes problems before you even notice them.


We’re only going to write nice things about Gill, not only because she is lovely, but also because she does the wages (among other things). With over 11 years at TXI she is a steady hand on the tiller, and she enjoys the flexibility of her role.

She says that she loves working here because everyone is always happy, which sums up her approach to both life and work. She also lets us put the posh biscuits on expenses, which makes her our favourite person in the world.


Our director Kev founded the company back in 1998 and has been overseeing our development ever since. He’s in charge of all the really important stuff – strategic direction, recruitment strategy, new product lines, and what type of biscuits we get for the kitchen.

Kev loves variety, and says that what he enjoys most about TXI is that no two days are ever the same. He loves meeting new people too – give us a call if you want to find out for yourself.


Sales guru Kelly is always looking for ways to improve the service we offer even further.

Kelly once back-packed round the world for a year but, having seen how much she manages to fit into a handbag, none of us are surprised by that.

Kelly will often be people’s first point of contact with us, so it’s a good job she’s a fun, helpful, happy lady who not only has great ideas, but has the drive and determination to make them a reality.


Haydn is the go-to guy for a sales and support teams, helping to solve problems before they even BECOME problems. That said, he loves a challenge – you’ll find him down Sandbanks most summer weekends, flying his power kite.

Haydn’s a big AFC Bournemouth fan, and is also pretty nifty on the road – he does advanced driving courses with the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

An all-round good egg and nice guy. Yes, he’s behind us as we type this.


Darren’s always guaranteed a good reception at parties, because he is part of a team that specialises in installing large antennae. Get it?

Darren enjoys working with what he says is ‘a top team’ (though we think he just says that because they always include him in the tea round).

A big darts fan, Darren always hits the bullseye when it comes to offering innovative and outstanding technological solutions – if in doubt, ask Darren!


Dan’s been with us six years and has installed and maintained large antennae in the communication, space and defence sectors.

Dan leads an exciting life away from work (even more exciting than sharing a van with Darren). He’s sailed a yacht to the Canary Islands with a Team GB medallist, climbed mountains, explored caves, jumped off waterfalls, trained lions, swam with dolphins and sky dived.

And he still thinks the scariest thing he has done was having kids.